Fruit and Vegetable Dryer

The fruit and vegetable dryer machine is mainly composed of drying chamber, material trays, ventilation system and temperature and moisture control system. It offers a flexible drying temperature, with a range of 50-90℃. Equipped with a moisture tester, user can know the moisture content via the display.

A wide application of the fruit and vegetable dryer machine has been found in the dehydration of fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and medicine, like lemon, banana, kiwi, longan, yam, shrimp, etc.

fruit and vegetable dryer

Advantage of fruit and vegetable dryer:
1. The high-volume continuous production can be achieved,maximize the retention of nutrients and color from fruit and vegetables.
2. The drying area,mesh belt running speed,temperature can be adjusted,to accommodated the characteristic and quality requirement of fruit and vegetable.
3.The combustion chamber of the equipment and the hot air entering the dryer are two parts that are completely isolated,Hot air source is the hot gas stream absolutely pure,high efficiency and environment protection.
4.The fruit and vegetables will be dried by medium-hot air, which provided by heat exchange furnace, according to the different fuels (such as coal, diesel, gas and other) we have different forms of furnace for option.
5. According to the characteristics of fruit and vegetables, using different technological processes and the necessary auxiliary equipment to form fruit and vegetable drying line.

fruit and vegetable drying line

Our factory is specialized in all kinds of fruit and vegetable dryer machines, such as automatic chili dryer machine, ginger dryer machine, tomato dryer machine and more. We also produce a series of equipment of dryer machinery and rotary kilns.